Proud of where your production glass is created? Well, the name says it all. American Made Glass (AMG) is one of the top glass companies in North America.

The products offered by this company are literally enough stock up a complete store.

The goal of creating quality glass is evident in the practices of this company. AMG is thorough in its designs & structures its production glass to ensure that any consumer will be able to find the size, shape and thickness of their dreams.

If it’s made of glass and used for smoking, they likely have it.

A common misconception is associating your choice of standard-shaped glass pieces with a boring appearance. That is definitely not the case here with AMG.

As a compliment to this comprehensive line of production glass, AMG has incredible designs and artwork. The designs on this website range from your typical acrylic additions to very colorful and vibrant glass.

It is clear that their continued support and work with heady artists is important to this company as well. No matter the product you are looking at, there seems to be a line which was either handcrafted by, or influenced by, the attention to detail of a heady artist.

The variety of products influenced by this attention to detail include; Water Pipes, Bubblers, Hand Pipes, Steam Rollers, Bowls, Nug Jars and Heady Glass Accessories.

All in all, American Made Glass (AMG) is a great place to look if you are the indecisive smoker. Rather than spending hours in-store debating with a shop owner, take your preferences into your own hands and browse AMG’s extensive catalogue of production glass today.

Visit the brand website here