About Rachel Howe

Rachel is our product review specialist. She has more than eight years experience working in smoke shops, analyzing the market and finding the most cutting-edge products. Her work features on yodabbadabba.com, headypages.com and legalsmokeshop.com.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review

Ghost Vapes introduced the concept of portable desktop performance with the MV1 Vaporizer. The iconic electronic herb and extract vaporizer sets itself apart with advanced technological features and has attracted the attention of many influencers in the vape world for a variety of valid reasons. The MV1 is the only dry herb vaporizer built to […]

Doob Tubes Product Review

A “doob tube” used to refer to any common container that can hold a joint or a blunt. But now the leading innovators in herbal packaging have changed the meaning entirely — with the introduction of the real, the only, Doob Tube. What are Doob Tubes? The Doob Tube is the perfect container for storing […]

The Path Pipe: Product Review

Smoke Honest creates modern smoking accessories that you will honestly want to use. Their products are held to a higher standard, pun always intended. The Path Pipe is no exception to this rule.  The creators of The Path Pipe are from San Clemente, California, and cater to those who live an adventurous lifestyle. They believe in […]

Apollo AirVape Review

Apollo is the Greek god of healing, medicine, and agriculture — And Apollo’s AirVape X is the cannabis god of vaporizers. It is the thinnest vaporizer on the market and offers the ability to not only vape cannabis flower but to consume concentrates as well. It is a powerful yet discreet device that can be […]