Boldtbags is a company which uses its products to display that it is more than just size that matters when it comes to creating quality smokeables. The extraction tools and accessories that this company offers find their nirvana in the details by reinforcing their flagship product – mesh bags for washing & rosin production – by only using the most durable military-grade nylon threads.

Crafted with care, these products are assembled & created in the United States and ship internationally to accommodate the needs of rosin producers globally. If you have a large scale operation then Boldtbags are a great resource to reinforce your extraction process with reliable tools from the ground up.

As their website lists you can find that their range of products includes:

Individual bags in a variety of sizes – The core highlight of their product line, these industrial strength filter bags come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. To fill a consumer’s needs they offer: Cone Bags, Wash Bags, Frenchy Full Mesh Bags, Rosin Bag Filters and many more.

Washing machines – An excellent and automated method of extraction, this tool is perfect for refining quality hashish. Boldtbags offers washing machines in both the 5-gallon and 20-gallon sizes. Need a more efficient set-up? Check out their pro-edition which comes with a built-in drainage system.

Full kits – The full kits provided by Boldtbags are an efficient & time-saving option for people looking to get their start with extraction tools & accessories. The commercial grade product packages include a 1’x1’ 25-micron pressing filter and filters with a variety of microns to assist with the base refinement of your extractions.

Freezer/Dryers  – In order to assist the consumer from the ground up, Boldtbags also offers these systems to tie up the complete extraction process to create your final product 7 times faster than air-drying.

Whether you are a dab head or a traditional-style smoker, the quality of Boldtbags extraction tools & accessories is difficult to deny after one visit to their website. If you are looking to maintain a professional standard for your production, look no further than Boldtbags.

Visit the brand website here