Yo Dabber Tool Kit Review

Concentrates are hard to handle, and with the varying consistencies it’s not a one-tool-fits-all type of situation. The cost of concentrates alone is enough motivation to ensure that the right tools are being used to minimize waste and protect your investment. The latest from Yo Dabba Dabba is a major addition to the brand’s Yo […]

OOZE Bowser Pipe Review

If Bowser owned an Ooze pipe maybe he would have learned to chill out, talk things over with Mario, and shown Princess Peach his sweet side. But then again, without Bowser’s inner-conflict we wouldn’t have hours of Mario games to pass the time with. So instead, Ooze created the perfect pipe to pair with sessions […]

Dr Dabber Switch Review

The Doctor is in and ready to rip! Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH Vaporizer heats up in seconds to provide any style dabber with their ideal vaping experience. Whether you are a first-time dabber or a well-experienced stoner, the SWITCH may convert you to dabbing in just one hit. Read on to learn more about why you […]

Weedgets MAZE Pipe Review

As any seasoned stoner will know, there are many options for consuming cannabis these days. Your favorite herb can be ground up and rolled into joints, blunts, backwoods, L’s, or whatever your circle calls them. Cannabis can be concentrated and torched or vaporized with the touch of a button. Or you can kick it old […]

Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer Review

The DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer certainly lives up to its namesake. While Leonardo Da Vinci is considered one of the greatest painters of all time, DaVinci creates some of the greatest vape devices on the market. But what sets them apart? The only thing that matters in the world of vaporizers — constant innovation. The DaVinci […]