4 Products Every Smoke Shop Must Carry in 2024

4 Products Every Smoke Shop Must Carry in 2024

To be competitive in such an aggressive physical and digital market, there are a few must-have smoke shop products you’ll need to have in stock to keep your customers coming back. When it comes to smoke shops, it helps to have an array of classic products alongside newer innovative products. Below we’ve compiled a list of four must-have products you should carry in your smoke shop to keep up with the trends and surpass your competition, and detailed why they’re important.

1. Pipes, bowls, and waterpipes 

water pipes bongs

A selection of Terp Tube water pipes

Glass is a commodity that every type of smoker needs at some point or another. Offering your customers a large range of fun, unique pieces of glass pipes, bowls, and waterpipes at various price points or with many different types of features is a great way to ensure success. People like pipes because they’re more affordable than full-sized bongs or waterpipes and for their convenience and portability. However, they’re also highly customizable and come in many different designs and styles. We suggest offering a selection of simple spoons, steamrollers, bowl heads, and other unique on-the-go glass items.

You should also offer a selection of waterpipes. Bongs are the most popular smoking products out there since they improve flavor, offer smoother hits, and cool down smoke. However, they’re also a conversation piece and a valued part of a person’s setup. For these reasons they’re favored by new smokers and veterans alike. We recommend carrying many different styles of bongs, including those with angled and straight mouthpieces, water pipes designed by glass artists for showmanship, and a variety of styles featuring different percolators and colors. You can even offer silicone products in this category, which look cool, tend to be more affordable, and are less likely to break.

2. Dab rigs and accessories 

Terp Tube Dab Rig

Terp Tubes Dab Rig

While many smokers prefer flower, concentrates are quickly taking over in popularity since they’re low odor, believed to be cleaner than flower, and offer stronger effects. Dabbing has taken on a cult following, and the culture is deeply rooted in quality, appearance, and accessories. You’ll want to make your shop the one-stop for all things dabbing, so you should take care to offer a variety of dab rigs. Dab rigs are similar to water pipes for flower except they tend to be more basic in design and smaller in size. There are lots of in-demand rigs by glass artists, and having a couple on hand helps you beat the competition. However, simple designs in various colors with or without percolators in small sizes are the move.

You’ll also want to have accessories on hand. Dabbing involves a lot of working parts, so you’ll want to offer silicone puck containers for concentrate storage, a selection of dab tools with different tips, butane torches, and terpometers to help gauge temperatures. You should also have a handful of terp pearls made from quartz or ruby on hand as well as inserts for bangers, and many different styles of bangers and nails made from ceramic, titanium and quartz.

3. Vaporizers, e-nails, and e-rigs 

enail electric nail

Yo Dabba Dabba eNail

Vaporizers are a newer innovation but they’re gaining lots of popularity. There are two main styles: portable and tabletop. Tabletop vapes are ideal for permanent setups at home as they plug into the wall and can usually vaporize both concentrates and flowers. Look for vaporizers that offer precise temperature control and vaporizers that offer a unique experience, such as decorative or lighting elements that make them unique. Portable vapes come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are designed for either flower or concentrates and some are capable of vaporizing both. A good selection of vaporizers at every price point is a good way to ensure your customers keep coming back.

Another worthy investment would be e-nails and e-rigs. E-nails are tabletop devices that attach to a dab rig to heat the nail to the perfect temperature for dabbing and come in many different customization options at all price points. E-rigs on the other hand are more portable. They take the dab rig and accessories out of the equation, offering a portable dabbing experience with one unit. There are several options out there in many different colors and accessories.

4. Rolling accessories  

rolling papers accessories

Raw Connoisseur Rolling Papers

Smokers who prefer rolls are dedicated to the cause and opt for high quality products that make for a high quality pre-roll. Carrying papers and wraps is kind of a given, but it helps to have plenty of selection. You should have rolling papers and blunt wraps in all different flavors, shapes and sizes and made from many different materials to suit all preferences and price points. It helps to also have joint tubes on hand to help your customers protect their stash from the elements. Newbie rollers may also be interested in rolling trays and rolling machines, which are useful, customizable and versatile. For connoisseurs, you may want to carry cannagar molds that help them form their products into homemade cannabis cigars.

Lastly, you’ll want to speak to the taste of the flower itself, since the herb makes the pre-roll. Stash jars are important for helping smokers protect their stash from light, temperature, oxygen and moisture which all play a role in degrading cannabis. You’ll also want to have a selection of high-quality grinders. There are many different styles ranging from plastic to aluminum teeth and millers. Having a selection of grinders made from different materials and designs suits personal tastes and preferences but also makes for a more controlled experience over the pre-roll itself.

All in all, it helps to have everything a smoker may need on hand, regardless of their preferences. Keep these items in the back of your mind when inventory day comes around and you can offer the largest selection of products in your area that keeps people coming back for more.

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