5 In-Demand Dab Tool Brands Your Smoke Shop Should Be Stocking

5 In-Demand Dab Tool Brands Your Smoke Shop Should Be Stocking

In an industry as exciting as dab tech, vape and cannabis, there’s always a ton of innovation happening. It seems like new products are dropped every day to improve life for the dab heads. If you have a smoke shop of your own, you might be so busy with the day to day that your selection may be slacking. Here are a few of the best dab brands you should be keeping an eye on to stay in the loop and offer the best dab products available to your customers:

1. Highly Educated

Highly Educated is one of the pioneers of the dab industry. They were the first company to introduce adjustable titanium nails, adjustable domeless nails, nails that can fit on multiple joints, e-nails, and carb caps, tools which have become key elements to any type of smokeshop. Lately, they’ve been switching gears to quartz nails and accessories, creating a variety of opaque quartz products and nail accessories that make dabbing more efficient. While their products are spendy, they’re nearly perfect.

Highly Edicated Ti Bangers

Highly Educated was one of the pioneers of the dab industry.

2. Skilletools

Skilletools offers a variety of heady instruments that your customers can use to elevate their dab experience. While most of the tools are for dabbing directly, as in, metal dab tools, they also offer a handful of silicone mouth pieces, dab mats, and kits to make art with your concentrates. The tools are sturdy and long-lasting, so they’re of premium quality. Skilletools drops new products pretty regularly. Skilletools dabbers are an affordable addition to your smokeshop and keep up with the latest trends in innovation.

Skilletools Best Dabber Tools

Skilletools is the leading specialist dabber brand.

3. Yo Dabba Dabba

Yo Dabba Dabba is one of the most important names on this list of the best dab brands. No other company is as on top of the latest trends in dabbing as they are. With that in mind, they also have one of the largest product selections available in their catalogue. Yo Dabba Dabba offers everything from rigs, nails and carb caps to e-nails, terp pearls, quartz inserts, anodized dabber tools, and so much more. Yo Dabba Dabba products are tried and true to ensure that their customers are getting the finest experience and an appropriate price point. Best of all, they even offer educational brochures that you can hand out to your smokeshop customers to ensure they’re using the products correctly. If you want to get on the same level, you can even enroll in Dab University to help you take your dabs up a gear.

Best Dab Tool Brand Yo Dabba Dabba

Yo Dabba Dabba carries all the latest dabbing tech that your customers are looking for.

4. Slick Vapes 

Slick Vapes is best known for their dab pens and wax vaporizers. They’re one of the best in the trade if you’re looking to add portable dab tech into your smoke shop product line. They offer a variety of different concentrate vaporizers, dab pens, vape mods, parts, grinders, ejuice, and brands at almost every price point, ensuring that you can meet your customers needs wherever they are. The Yocan vaporizers they offer are some of the finest in dabbing on the go.

Slick Vapes Concentrate Vaporizers

Slick Vapes allow you to enjoy perfect hits on the move.

5. Evan Shore

Evan Shore is a glass artist based in Pennsylvania. He specializes in quartz bangers, dab rigs, carb caps, terp pearls, and glass art. Evan Shore believes in beautiful glass that continues to function use after use. You can find a lot of his products (and products by similar artists) for sale at Small Werld Glass, which is a good site to use if you want to stay up to speed with new dab brands and products to introduce to your product lines at your smoke shop.

Evan Shore Banger Dab Artist

Evan Shore is a glass artist based in Pennsylvania.

All in all, keeping an eye on these five of the best dab tool brands will help you keep your smoke shop up to date with the latest trends and keep your customers coming back.

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