OOZE Bowser Pipe Review

If Bowser owned an Ooze pipe maybe he would have learned to chill out, talk things over with Mario, and shown Princess Peach his sweet side. But then again, without Bowser’s inner-conflict we wouldn’t have hours of Mario games to pass the time with. So instead, Ooze created the perfect pipe to pair with sessions […]

Dr Dabber Switch Review

The Doctor is in and ready to rip! Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH Vaporizer heats up in seconds to provide any style dabber with their ideal vaping experience. Whether you are a first-time dabber or a well-experienced stoner, the SWITCH may convert you to dabbing in just one hit. Read on to learn more about why you […]

Yelp Blocks Important Advertising Features for Cannabis Businesses

There’s an uneasy tension between advertising dollars and many of the normal advertising avenues a business might pursue. For example, Facebook has a litany of rules about cannabis merchandise, obviously prohibiting outright sales of flowers and concentrates, but also prohibiting the advertising of products involving partaking. Bongs, pipes, dab rigs, screens, and just about anything […]