Yelp Blocks Important Advertising Features for Cannabis Businesses

There’s an uneasy tension between advertising dollars and many of the normal advertising avenues a business might pursue. For example, Facebook has a litany of rules about cannabis merchandise, obviously prohibiting outright sales of flowers and concentrates, but also prohibiting the advertising of products involving partaking. Bongs, pipes, dab rigs, screens, and just about anything […]

L.A Smoke Shop Owner in Legal Entanglement for Breaking Stay-At-Home Order

Businesses in California deemed ‘non-essential’ during the COVID-19 crisis were ordered to shut down, and stay-at-home orders have been in place for weeks. What has emerged is a growing number of people flouting that order, and the result? Business owners caught in violation can pay a steep price. Non-essential businesses may face a fine up […]

The Hemper Box: Product Review

The Hemper Box is any smoker’s dream come true. Hemper’s premium smoking accessories subscription service delivers the finest smoking accessories to pair with your best buds. Every month they offer a new lineup of high-quality products, mailed right to your doorstep. What Does The Hemper Box Include?  Hemper’s curating team hand-picks ten or more smoking […]