Givevaway: 3x Zong Hand Pipes

Givevaway: 3x Zong Hand Pipes

What’s better on a lazy Labor Day weekend than kicking back on the back patio with your feet up and having a fresh bowl packed and ready to go? That’s right — nothing. That’s why we’re running a giveaway sponsored by Legal Smoke Shop this month. Three lucky winners will be taking home a durable 5” Zong hand pipe. Each one is perfect for the solo sesh on lazy days, but also for group sessions at your Labor Day barbeque. Read on to learn more about each pipe style and how you can enter to win below.

Pipe #1: Zong Linework with Lens Pipe 

This 5” spoon pipe is the perfect travel companion. More importantly its design is optimal for smooth, flavorful hits that are enjoyable both at home and on the go. This one features a colorful, wavy linework design with a single rounded lens and is made from a heavy duty borosillicate glass.

Pipe #2: Dichro Linework Fume with Maria 

This 5” Zong pipe is made with a beautiful pattern featuring dichron glass, which was initially designed for the aerospace industry. It offers a really cool design that helps with keeping your hits (and your hands) nice and cool. The smoke itself is also nice and cool.

Pipe #3: Rasta with Black Frit 

This 5” pipe comes with a classic 420-friendly design on a black frit “background”. Featuring beautiful and vibrant red, yellow and green stripes, this picture-perfect pipe is a real crowd pleaser. Especially when you consider its durability and ultra-smooth flavors and hits.

How to enter and win 

Ready to try your hand at taking home one of these three Zong handpipes? Just head down to the entry form below to get started. You can also check out our giveaway page to learn more about how this works. Just keep in mind that you must be 21 or older to enter and win, and you must have valid mailing and email addresses for us to contact you and ship your prize if you win. Good luck, and have a great month!

Zong 5″ Hand Pipe Giveaway

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