Lookah Sardine Hot Knife Dab Tool Review

Lookah Sardine Hot Knife Dab Tool Review

Hot knifing a dab just got an upgrade, the likes of which the industry has never seen. Our friends at Lookah have recently developed a piece of tech that helps you preserve concentrate supply while making it significantly easier to handle your waxes without the mess. Introducing the Sardine

What is the Sardine Hot Knife Dab Tool? 

Sardine is an electric dab tool developed by Lookah, a brand that has been responsible for a handful of vaporizers and dab pens in the past. The device is an electric dabber that allows users to cut through concentrates with ease and avoid a sticky mess. However, it has a few different temperature settings that can be used to take a classic hot knife dab. Its portability, ease of use, and unique interface put it on our radar.

lookah sardine hot knife

How does it work? 

Sardine works like a dab pen, heating to three pre-set temperature settings at the press of a button. The heating element will warm the ceramic tip, allowing users to cut through harder concentrates or scoop softer ones for dabbing at 212 – 302°F. Since the end of the tool is heated, it reduces waste by evenly heating the concentrate so it slides straight into a warm dab nail without leaving any residue behind on the dabber itself.

sardine hot knife review

There are a few different tips in the kit that can be used for various concentrate consistencies, but more importantly, they’re easy to swap out with a USB-c port. The device is insanely easy to use and charge and leaves virtually no waste behind, meaning you get the absolute most out of your dab without losing any of it to the dab tool itself. Say goodbye to sticky dab tools forever.

Lookah Sardine Hot Knife Dab Tool Review 

While it might seem like kind of a gimmicky piece of technology at first glance, the thing is actually extremely useful. With the design and shape of many different dab tools, you tend to lose quite a bit of your concentrates to the dab tool itself. It’s not always possible to get every last drop off of a dab tool, especially when you have to use a spoon-like tool for softer concentrates, for example.

sardine hot knife dab tool

The Sardine can get every last drop of your concentrates off by pre-warming it so you don’t miss out. But the other really noteworthy thing about it is that it also works with hard concentrates. Shatters and hard waxes are prone to breaking and flying across the room or being impossible to get onto a dab tool. Sardine can cut and warm them in a way that prevents them from scattering, so ultimately, it’s one of the best devices out there if tool waste is a big issue for you.

There’s a lot to be said for its accurate temperature settings, ease of charging and usability, and its portability. The Sardine also comes with a travel cap so you can store it with ease without burning a hole in your pocket. Its go-anywhere design and its ability to reduce waste is something that we feel should be celebrated — especially at its price.

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