Terp Tubes Ashcatcher Product Review

Terp Tubes Ashcatcher Product Review

Terp Tube is one of the latest companies to bring a high-quality borosilicate glass and quartz line of smoking apparatuses to the market. They’ve quickly made a name for themselves in the industry thanks to their connoisseur-grade product line including water pipes, dab rigs, dab kits, and glass reclaimers. Each item is meticulously designed to deliver flower and concentrate enthusiasts the most flavorful hits through their robust, sturdy designs and accessories.

While the pinnacle of the Terp Tube product line is of course their rigs, kits, and water pipes, they’ve recently launched their new line of ashcatchers featuring two different designs that fit on all Terp Tube products as well as pipes and rigs with standard-sized joints and even angles. With a dedication to thoughtful design and the user experience, Terp Tube is quickly becoming the authority in the space and offers competitive prices. Below, we’ve reviewed the new ashcatchers.

Terp Tube Ashcatchers 

Like most ashcatchers, Terp Tube’s versions attach to the joint of a water pipe to filter and cool smoke as well as help keep the pipe itself cleaner. They slide right into a water pipe joint and are outfitted with a bowl slide. Terp Tube ashcatchers are made from thick borosilicate glass, which makes sure the piece is sturdy enough to survive short drops and other minor accidents. That said, they are surprisingly sturdy, even in the areas of the slides and joints that tend to be much easier to break than other pieces of the ashcatcher. The kit comes with an ashcatcher with your choice of two different percolator styles and a bowl slide. They fit water pipes with female joints (or males with the use with an adaptor) and come with 14mm and 19mm male joints. At the top of the ashcatcher is a female joint for use with bowl slides with male joints in sizes 14mm and 19mm.

Terp Tube Ashcatchers

Matrix Percolator Ashcatcher 

Terp Tube’s ashcatcher with the matrix percolator offers smooth and thick smoke with the added perk of keeping the water pipe clean. It can be used with both straight pipes and angled pipes and contains a matrix style percolator. Matrix percolators have a 360-degree mesh attached towards the bottom of that diffuses smoke instantly into a stack of tiny bubbles for extra filtration. They’re easy to clean and deliver a more refined smoking experience.

Tree Percolator Ashcatcher

Terp Tube’s other ashcatcher is made with a tree percolator that is great for utilitarian smokers. It offers some seriously unmatched cooling and filtration capabilities thanks to its design, which resembles a tree. Inside you can find a main stem and several branches extending down towards the base of the ashcatcher. The slats at the end of the branches allow smoke and water to bubble up, so the only downside is that this design will require a harder pull. Like the matrix ashcatcher, it can be used with both straight and angled pipes.

Terp Tube Ashcatcher Styles

Terp Tube Ashcatchers at a glance 

  • Made with thick borosilicate glass using thoughtful design for optimal suction
  • Comes in two different percolator styles to suit consumer preferences
  • Works with both straight and angled water pipes
  • Works with 14mm F 45°, 14mm F, and 19mm F water pipes
  • Comes in 14mm M 45°, 14mm M, and 19mm M sizes
  • Bowl slide included
  • Affordable pricing

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