Make Sure Your Smoke Shop Is Stocked Up with These Dabbing Essentials for 7/10

Make Sure Your Smoke Shop Is Stocked Up with These Dabbing Essentials for 7/10

710 is oil day, a cannabis holiday becoming closely on par with 420. As July 10th approaches, it’s never been more important to make sure you have the essentials that all of your customers will be looking for to make the most out of their holiday. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to have on hand as well as a couple accessories you’ll want if you want to leave them impressed. 

What is OIL day and why should your smoke shop be ready? 

OIL day falls on July 10th. If you flip the numbers “710”, you’ll find that they spell out “oil”. This cannabis holiday is the cannabis concentrates version of 420, which is geared more towards cannabis flower. 710 is a dabbing holiday, so it’s important to have all of your dabbing essentials ready to go since your customers will be on the hunt for great deals on these items. To be competitive, you’ll want to have all of the basics on hand as well as some exciting dabbing accessories to stand aside from your competitors. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re running exciting deals and bundling your products for discounts to leave a lasting impression.

Is your smoke shop ready for 710? Here’s everything you need. 

  1. Bangers – Bangers are the number one essential for dabbing and they come in all shapes and sizes, as well as colors. You’ll want to have a good selection of quartz bangers in all sizes at all price points. Some people just want a cheap banger since they’ll chaz them during the holiday while others might be looking for unique, heady glass to go with their fancy dab rigs. You should also offer ceramic and titanium in addition to quartz.
  2. Dab rigs – Dab rigs are the second most important smoking essential that you’ll want to have on hand. Like bangers, they also come in all different shapes and sizes so take care to have an offering that suits all price points. Bangers come in standard clear glass to scientific glass and even headier rigs full of intricate designs. Upsell your colorful glass and market your supply as the best of the best.
  3. Adapters – Some people looking to celebrate 710 are normally flower users. With that in mind, you’ll want to offer a variety of male and female adapters in all sizes so that your customers can convert their ordinary bongs into dab rigs. These little glass accessories are helpful outside of 710, too.
  4. Carb caps – Carb Caps are one of the most popular ways for dab heads to personalize their dabbing experience and the appearance of their rig setup. They come in so many different shapes and sizes, like standard top-shaped caps to bubble balls to heady designs. Take care to offer a variety of options for all your different-sized bangers and offer basic and intricate designs to serve all price points.
  5. Dab tools – Like carb caps, dab tools are a highly personalized item in the dabbing repertoire. Some are made of intricate glass while others are metal. Like everything else on this list, it’s important to offer a variety of different materials and designs to create more of an interest.
  6. Torches & Butane – Torches are an essential for new dabbers, so take care to offer a selection of high-quality torches as well as butane canisters. Having a lot of gas on hand will be helpful as almost everyone stocks up on butane for their holiday.
  7. Hash Vaporizers – If you have a lot of concentrate vaporizers in stock, you’ll want to put some of them on sale to help move your inventory. It’s easy to upsell items like the PAX III or the Puffco Peak Pro on 710 to customers who want a refined dabbing experience without the hassle of buying a ton of different accessories or for people looking to dab on the go.

dabbing essentials for smoke shops

  1. Terp Pearls – Terp Pearls are a great upsell for customers looking for a more flavorful and refined dabbing experience. They are little glass or ruby beads that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and designs that are used to improve the distribution of heat during a dab, improving the amount of vapor you get as well as its overall flavor.
  2. Quartz Inserts – Quartz inserts help reduce the mess of dabbing and are easy to clean by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol. Like terp pearls, they also help improve the temperature distribution in a banger, making for better flavors, more vapor, and less mess. They are a great upsell for people who like a terpene-rich dab and less mess.
  3. One-hitters and dab straws – Dabbing on the go is a nice bonus for people celebrating 710. One hitter dab straws are a great option for taking a quick dab without the scooping and heating and redistributing. They’re a pretty cheap option and a great upsell on the holiday.
  4. Concentrate jars and stash cases – Silicone dab containers are great to put on sale and have on hand since many 710 celebrators will share their concentrates during this time. These receptacles are also smell-proof, making it easier to dab on the go. Stash cases for dab rigs are also helpful for the same reason — discretion on the go.
  5. Dab mats and pucks – One more area of personalization for dab heads involves the dab mats or pucks used to hold the rig still during a dab. They’re typically great for helping reduce the mess and look cool under any banger. You should take care to offer a variety of different designs from artists at all price points.
  6. Cleaning supplies and terpenes – Cleaning supplies are essential so make sure you have lots of them on hand. Glob mops, tweezers, 99% isopropyl, magnetic rig wipes, and formula 420 are all great to have on hand for the holiday since they’ll fly off the shelves. One other thing you can carry is smoke-safe terpenes that help improve the scents, flavors, and effects of their concentrates.
  7. eNails – eNails are a great all-in-one solution to getting the perfect temperature on your dabs. They fit most rigs and bangers, so offering a variety of them in unique designs is a great idea. You can even upsell them to people looking to save a few bucks on the torch and cleaning supplies.
  8. Temperature gauges – One little-known high-ticket item is a digital temperature reader. They’re excellent for traditional dabbers using the torch and rig method since they can provide a quick-read temperature allowing them to know when they’ll get the most flavors out of their dabs. They come in all shapes and sizes at many different price points

All in all, with these 15 items in stock at your smoke shop or head shop, you can help provide the best 710 experience for your customers. Take care to get your orders in as these items will go fast. If you’re looking for a smoke shop supplier that stays on top of the latest dabbing trends and offers competitive pricing, be sure to check out NHM Distributing – they’re guaranteed to have everything you need to ensure you’re shop is prepared for 710.

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