Featured Shop: Smokin’ Smitty’s

Featured Shop: Smokin’ Smitty’s

Smokin’ Smitty’s was built on a love for smoking and has grown to become a community staple that’s all about good vibes. With shops in Bozeman, Butte and Billings, their distinctive logo is spread out across Montana. So if you’re a resident or just passing through, keep an eye out for a smoked-out smiley face in flames.

The first shop opened its door in 2008 in a humble 1,000 square foot storefront in Bozeman. Another smoke shop occupied that space prior, so it was a great starting point and opportunity to build up their following. “A local distributor helped me with the inventory, and that was a blessing,” says Smitty. “And from there, we built out our inventory as we grew.” And in just two years, Smokin’ Smitty’s expanded with a new shop in Billings and another in Butte in 2016.

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With deep roots in the local glass-blowing scene, Smokin’ Smitty’s is known for supporting Montana artists and hooking customers up with one-of-a-kind heady pieces. “It’s important for us to support local. That relationship we have with the glass blowers, it keeps us both going,” says Smitty. You can expect to see custom glass from Kai Hogan, Crux Glass, High Country Glass, Hendy, and Chaka in his shops. “I always try to stock one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t see anywhere else, plus glass that is affordable for everyone.”

The three locations also carry classics like RooR, Chameleon, Trident, Medicali, Sour and Graffix.  Plus tapestries, incense, kratom, CBD, dab tools, clothing, local art and jewelry. Added extra: cure your cotton mouth with a drink from Exotic Soda Company.

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As a true smoker at his core, Smitty is happy to be on the lookout for the latest innovations to share with his customers. “We’re really into stocking the new trends and keeping up with the evolution of smoking and dabbing. People will come in saying they’ve been looking for this stuff for a while, and we’re the only shop that has it.”

The shops connect with the community by hosting events with local glass blowers and Pop-Ups.  “The Shop of the Year event was a favorite for us—the way it was put together with all the artists here at once. We had food trucks and live radio,” says Smitty. “The community really came out and supported us.”

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Smitty’s is always set up to host Pop-Ups

And now that recreational marijuana is legalized as of 2021, the community in Montana is growing. More residents are stopping in to check out the extravagant glass or ask questions. “I’ve noticed people are less hesitant to come in and see what’s up.”

If you’re into unique heady glass, happy people, and a brand that gives back to its community, stop into Smokin’ Smittys.

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