EpicVape E-Nano Vaporizer Review

EpicVape E-Nano Vaporizer Review

The E-Nano Vaporizer by EpicVape hints at how compact this desktop vaporizer is in its name, but the name doesn’t even begin to explain how unique this device is. When it comes to the world of desktop vaporizers, the E-Nano is one of a kind. This is not only because of its compact size but also because it is completely customizable. It is also handcrafted in the United States, with sustainable wood and high-quality parts. Read on to learn all about the E-Nano vaporizer and how it stacks up against your standard desktop vaporizer.

Smaller than your average desktop vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers are usually used to vape flower and traditionally have a shape resembling a lunch box or a large beaker. The E-Nano, however, is a little different, as it can be used to vape both flower and concentrates, and it only stands at four inches tall and two inches around. It is generally considered a “log style” vaporizer because of its cylindrical shape, but this term also describes the custom wood the E-Nano is made out of.

E-Nano Vaporizer Review

The E-Nano is handmade with just three pieces: the wooden body, glass stem, and dial power chord. Most desktop vaporizers require additional vapor bags or whips, but the E-Nano’s design is minimal and sleek. Due to its small size, it’s also ideal for micro-dosing flower or wax. It holds anywhere between 0.025 to 0.05 grams of ground herb or a dab that is about the size of a grain of rice. The patent-pending heating engine works to quickly heat the material to temperature and produce a ton of vapor.  However, the appeal of the E-Nano vaporizer does not stop there.

More stylish than your average desktop vaporizer

EpicVape made the E-Nano extremely easy to customize to fit your aesthetic and vaping preferences. While most desktop vaporizers just offer you the choice between a bag or a whip, the E-Nano allows you to customize every part of your device. You can start with selecting the type of wood body you want your E-Nano to be made with. All of the wood options are solid pieces of sustainable hardwood crafted with a natural shellac finish. There are seven wood choices, ranging between standard, premium, and exotic options and price points. These include Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Premium Maple, Premium Walnut, Maple Burl, and Exotic Walnut. Each type of wood is not only gorgeous but incredibly durable too.

ENano Vaporizer Wood Options

The next decision you get to make when purchasing an E-Nano is what kind of stem you want to attach to the custom wood body. Every E-Nano stem is made with heavy-duty borosilicate glass to create an all-glass vapor path that delivers fresh-tasting vapor. The five stem variations to choose from include the Standard Adjustable Stem, Long Adjustable Stem, Fixed Glass Screen Stem, Ice E-Nano Glass Screen Stem and Ice E-Nano Adjustable Stem Kit. They also come with a silicone glow-in-the-dark heat guard to protect your fingertips and a sliding metal screen that allows you to adjust your bowl size. Each stem caters to a different vaping style and cannabis product of choice, so you should consider your options carefully.

The final step for customizing your E-Nano is to choose between two different power chords. The E-Nano comes with a standard removable black power cable by default, but you can choose to upgrade to EpicVape’s new wood-encased dimmer cord. Both options work to power the E-Nano, but the wooden dimmer cord looks a touch classier. You can also choose between three kinds of wood for the dimmer cord, including Cherry, Maple, and Walnut.

Epic Vape Dimmer Boxes

More powerful than your average desktop vaporizer

Despite the small size of the E-Nano, this tiny desktop vaporizer packs a lot of power. The internal build of the device is solid and has a medical-grade stainless steel heat exchanger that is built as a single piece. The internal ceramic heating element works to power the device in just two minutes to any temperature up to 560 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dial on the power cord provides complete control of the device’s temperature. Most users of the E-Nano agree that the higher temperatures on the dial, generally around eight and nine, seem to work best. It’s also important to note that the standard E-Nano setup does not cater to concentrates, but you can purchase a mesh insert concentrates pad to adapt it to your needs. The E-Nano can also be adapted to vaporize essential oils with the E-Nano Aromatherapy Cup.

When you get a new E-Nano Vaporizer from Epic Vape or your local head shop, it will include:

  • E-Nano vaporizer with a custom wood body
  • Removable 110v dial cord or wood dimmer cord
  • Choice of 5 glass stems
  • Carrying bag
  • E-pick stainless steel multi-tool
  • Quick start guide

Overall, the E-Nano is a powerful desktop vaporizer that is sure to catch your eye. Its compact design offers plenty of customizability and a solid internal build. The E-Nano can be a bit hot to handle if you are an all-day vaper, but it’s perfect for those who like to micro-dose in style.

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