Since it began in 2015, BongFresh set out to become an innovator in the cannabis industry through the design of ecologically safe cleaning methods and practices.

Marco and Mike, inventors and owners of BongFresh, were friends working together in the automotive industry. They passed the time at work tossing business ideas back and forth. The work friends had a simple goal: to provide waterpipe smokers with a variety of cleaning options designed specifically for water pipes of all materials.

BongFresh took off from there. For two years, Marco, Mike and their team worked hard to develop an aggressive, effective cleaning system to breakdown and remove stubborn stains. Then, in 2017, the Tiki Cleaning Tool was born. It was the first multi-tool cleaner with all-natural cleaning solution designed specifically for the cannabis industry.

BongFresh considers its customers family. The company is dedicated to embody their ideas of honesty, integrity, quality, and the overall happiness of their customers.

Bongfresh is the only cleaner that was specifically designed to clean waterpipes, dab rigs, vapes, and shishas. The cleaning system uses an all-natural plant-derived cleaning solution in combination with a magnetic cleaning tool to breakdown and clean your favorite bong. BongFresh removes that nasty tar build-up and those pesky water stains leaving your glass smelling, tasting, and looking great.

A social media company, BongFresh maintains a strong online presence. Check out their informative blog, “Chewing the Leaf,” on Twitter. Facebook features videos showing how to use their products. And Instagram features both and more.

Visit the brand website here