Domè Betz is a visionary artist who creates fine art which enables smokers to explore their creative & psychedelic side. Her hand-drawn designs are compiled in groovy adult-coloring books made specifically for stoners.

Perfect for getting lost in your own world, these colouring books are intoxicating in themselves. It is easy to get lost in the book which features over 25 intricate & funky designs to help you start stimulating your creativity.

The artwork of Betz is as trippy as her online presence. Her feeds are tastefully filled with sketches from the adult-colouring books & when combined with the light-hearted memes, any smoker can relate to her online persona.

Even more influential within the work of Betz is her entrepreneurial spirit. A Lithuanian born artist & acclaimed mountain fairy, she currently finds her roots in Chicago, Illinois. The passion and detail of their work can be seen throughout the colouring books. Domè Betz adds to this passion with the experience of creating art her whole life and it speaks through her work. The uniqueness of her products stands out so much that they even make a great gift for the naturally trippy non-smokers looking to explore new worlds!

Shipping across America & internationally, you can find Betz’s products on her website or through her Instagram: @StonerColoringBooks. Remember, by purchasing any piece of fine art by Domè Betz supports an artist directly and will help you giggle & scribble your way through the evening.

As their own online shop reads: “You are Magick. Reclaim your Wild! <3”

Visit the brand website here