Formline Supply was family-founded in Los Angeles with one mission in mind: to provide top-shelf storage for top-shelf products. With handfuls of smell-proof bags on the market, Formline separates itself from the rest with a seamless fusion of fashion and function, sans cheesy names and logos that make your discrete items less than.

Formline Supply features an exclusive, patent-pending design that features double-wall, five-layer technology that offers twice the protection when compared to other top brands. The use of high quality activated carbon fiber efficiently traps smells to eliminate the chance of any odors sneaking through.

Their collection includes sleek and stylish odor eliminating bags of all shapes sizes available with a combination lock or zipper closure. Styles include cases, bags, backpacks, wallets, and travel pouches. The brand has grown to offer smell proof aluminum containers for pre-rolls, grinders, and grow tents and bags.

Available in seven countries, Formline prides itself on stellar customer service for consumers and wholesale partners.

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