In the era of dab tools & accessories, some often forget the beautifully smooth smoke of hookah products. This is where Fumari has got your back. A fresh and savvy company bringing hookah smoking into the modern mind with style.

 Fumari creates their product line from the ground-up. They are so involved in the process of creating their smokeables that they even tend to the hand-sourced, flue-cured tobacco to ensure only the finest smoking products. Since 1997, they have been taking these fresh leaves and create high quality recipes that add flavor to the tobacco product.

A neglected factor for many companies that are into smokeables, is the importance of research and development. However, for Fumari, this is not the case. They have a dedicated R&D team to stay on top of new products as well as refine the existing ones. The tastes of smokers change, why not adjust to fit those needs?

That said, Fumari truly understands the needs of its consumers. Rather than simply offer the tobacco to smoke, you can find a complete line of hookahs and their accessories on their website. It’s a perfect option for the person who “just happened to” forget to put the hose away nicely before someone stepped on it.

If you are searching for Tobacco, Coals, Hookahs, Hookah Parts or general gear – then look no further than Fumari.

Visit the brand website here