Juul was created by two former smokers. Their personal journeys to quit smoking cigarettes gave them insight into the struggles that come along with cessation. Juuls aims to make the action of quitting cigarettes that much easier.

Starter Kit: Juul starter kits come with everything a smoker needs to kick cigarettes to the curb. User will get the Juul device, USB charger, and 4 Juul pods with 5% nicotine each. Choose from mint, crème, mango, and Virginia Tobacco flavors.

Silver Device Kit: The silver device kit is made to give smokers more control over the flavor, size, and nicotine levels of the pods they choose. They have a selection of 8 different flavors in 3 to 5%. Whether you’re weaning off or just looking to cut out the toxins that come with cigarettes, Juul’s Silver Starter Kit will work for you.

Juul was founded in San Francisco, California on the idea of liberating the world’s billion adult smokers. Their goal is to be a part of the solution to end combustible smoking. Not only that, they welcome discussion on the subject. Juul electronic cigarettes are all about addressing a sore subject honestly and with an open mind.

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