Kannastor was founded in February 2011 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida. They design and manufacture the highest quality grinders, as well as storage, presses, and its patented Easy Change Screens.

GR8TR: GR8TR Grinders feature a modular design, which allows them to be assembled and configured in many ways. This is truly the only grinder that you would ever need!

Multi Chamber Grinders: All Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinders come with a replaceable Easy Change Screen. They can be broken down to a portable 3 piece configuration, which makes them the most versatile grinders on the market.

Single Chamber Grinders: Compact and efficient, these grinders will create a fluffy grind with fewer twists.

Storage Pucks: You can interconnect these storage pucks with all Kannastor multi-chamber and GR8TR grinders, so you can grind directly into the storage puck.

Presses: There are two sizes available – 14mm and 19mm. Both are constructed with 100% hardened 60/61 aluminum and heat resistant to 175°.

Easy Change Screens: With Kannastor’s Easy Change Screen you can now replace your screen and not your grinder. Choose between Monofilament and Stainless Steel screens. Different mesh sizes are also available. There’s a 30-day Warranty on all screens.

Kannastor grinders are made from 60/61 anodized food grade aluminum, which ensures maximum performance and durability. All products should be washed by hand, with soap and water.

Kannastor team of engineers and designers takes into consideration all customer feedback. Before going into production, every new feature or design goes through a series of tests, and all grinders are inspected by hand, to ensure that they’ll perform at the highest possible level.

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