As the market for applying cannabis medicinally grows, so does the need to ensure that your products are pure & natural.

Receptra Naturals offers CBD oils extracted in fully-licensed facilities with expert lab technicians to ensure that special care is given to promising it’s customers only the purest of CBD oils.

The hemp used by Receptra Naturals is all 100% Colorado grown on family farms. This means that by supporting the product, you are directly supporting the growth and development of grass-roots hemp farmers.

It’s a beautiful process because Receptra guarantees that all the practices used by their farmers are completely organic in order to produce the highest natural percentages of CBD.

Each hemp plant selected by Receptra Naturals is carefully selected by hand to ensure that only the highest quality hemp is being used in their extracts. Even then, they back up their process further by promising that each batch of their extracted Receptra hemp oil is submitted for third-party testing – effectively guaranteeing the purity of your product.

Interested in ensuring this promise? Receptra Naturals happily will provide you with their lab results to back up this transparent business practice.

The final products created by Receptra Naturals are proprietary blends of completely natural performance and recovery enhancing ingredients. You can take these products to help you heal, keep you energized throughout the day and even assist in maintaining your focus for everyday mundane tasks. Available in 3 concentrations – Active, Elite & Pro – there is an option for lifestyles of any level of activity.

Complete your commitment to an organic lifestyle today & add Receptra Naturals CBD Herbal Supplements to boost your productivity in everyday tasks.

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