If digital is the way to go than SocialSmoke.com would be your digital source for real-life hookah tobacco. Finding high-quality hookah products can be a major hassle; selecting the right flavor, making sure the leaf itself is still fresh and even just finding the right type of tobacco can be difficult. This is why SocialSmoke is a great resource.

Started in 2003 by a confident college student that may not have known what they were doing at first, this company has taken its passion for smoking hookah to another level. It may have started as a small time company out of a dorm room, but it is anything but that now.

Today, SocialSmoke’s commitment to quality has positioned them as the largest manufacturer of hookah tobacco in the United States. It had taken almost 12 years but they have successfully positioned themselves as taste-makers (literally) in the hookah products market.

One look at their website and social media platforms will give you an excellent idea of the style they associate with their hookah products. Crisp, sleek & clean, even your most professional of friends would appreciate the branding of SocialSmoke.com.

All that said, they couldn’t be where they are at without a successful & great product. Their hookah tobaccos come in 65+ flavors. Starting with arctic lemon to wild berry chill, it would honestly be difficult to NOT find a flavor you love.

A regular hookah smoker loves to switch up the flavors to keep things fresh, if you feel like this is you, than SocialSmoke.com is the perfect source for you to secure your hookah tobacco.

Visit the brand website here