Headquartered in San Clemente, California and established in 1998, Space Case started out making superior storage containers, then expanded into grinders. Space Case was the first company to introduce magnets to help keep them air-tight. Owner Tim Brady crafted medical supplies and parts for the space shuttle during his 35 year career as a machinist in the aerospace industry. He brings that knowledge and experience to bear on every Space Case product sold.


Space Case grinders are made of high-quality aluminum and come with a medical-grade stainless steel pollen screen and a pollen pick. Nylon o-rings provide smooth and precise rotation.

Grinders come in a variety of colors, including polished aluminum, black titanium, blue, green, red, and Rasta.  Pollen scraper included.

The Scout

The Scout is a grinder with an air-tight storage container underneath. Powerful magnets ensure an air-tight seal. Perfect for when you’re on the go. Like the grinders, Scouts also come in two-, three-, and four-piece sets.

The Scout comes in short, medium and tall sizes. The tall is bigger than a soda can. The smallest 1.23 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall.


Space Case’s original product. Storage containers come in a variety of sizes and sleek-looking colors, including the limited edition Rasta. Like the grinders and Scouts, the containers come in short, medium, and tall sizes.

Pollen Presses

Space Case’s pollen press is a handy tool. It comes in polished aluminum.

Pollen Picks

The Space Case pollen pick is a triangular scraper-tool that comes with each grinder. After you’ve ground a few herbs, you collect the pollen with the pollen pick and flatten it into a cake. Freeze overnight for best results.

Replacement O-Rings

Finally, Space Case offers black nylon replacement o-rings for their durable products.

Space Case’s products are expertly machined and come with a lifetime warranty. From polished aluminum to Rasta colors, from simple two-piece grinders to large, four-piece grinder/container combos, Space Case is sure to stock the perfect hardware for your needs.

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