Spray 420 is a brand that manufactures advanced odor-eliminator sprays. What makes Spray 420 superior to other odor-elimination sprays is that it uses a dry aerosol that does not leave a wet residue after use. It can be used on any fabric material, even silks, providing a clean linen scent that completely eliminates unwanted herbal odors.

Unlike other air fresheners, Spray 420 does not fall to the ground when sprayed. Instead, it rises with the smoke and rids the odor at the source, instantly filling the air with a natural, fresh scent. Environments where the 420 Spray is commonly used include A/C intake vents, vehicles, upholstery, smoking areas, bathrooms and on bedding.

Spray 420 is the sole product provided by this company, but it can be purchased in various different sizes, depending on your frequency of use. Choose a three-pack for infrequent use, or achieve bulk savings by buying a 12-pack for more frequent users.

Spray 420 is headquartered in Canada, and the company operates under the Odor Eliminator LLC parent company.  The brand has received glowing reviews from all users, including some of the biggest media publications in the industry.

If you’re a reseller, the brand operates a wholesale system for those looking to buy in bulk and achieve reduced pricing. If you have any questions about the products, the company can be reached by email through [email protected], or by calling (478) 420 0021.

With Spray 420, you can have a smoke wherever you are. All it takes is a spray.

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