A classic name in the hookah products industry, Starbuzz is – and has been – a leader in sourcing hookah products. Focused on the products more than the aesthetic, Starbuzz is a great source if you are a consumer that wants to get straight to the business.

Starbuzz is shipping out of California. So long as your state or country is accepting of the import of tobacco, their products can be sourced internationally. Whether you want a full kit or just a re-up on your hookah tobacco, it can be found here.

That said, not everyone enjoys the tobacco aspect of hookah smoking. The large clouds and vaping feel of smoking a hookah are freeing but if you are a fairly clean person, you may be apprehensive to ingest your classic hookah tobacco. This is where Starbuzz has your solution. They carry a collection of Steam Stones which come in a variety of flavors as well. This alternative allows you to smoke colossal and smooth clouds with none of the downsides.

If you are more of the traditional hookah smoker, fear not, Starbuzz carries a great spread of traditional tobaccos categorized for your efficiency of choice. To supplement the difficulty of these choices, they have tastefully categorized their smokeables into; Exotic, Vintage & Bold.

Okay, so you bought your tobacco but you need some accessories. The great variety of products on the Starbuzz website only benefits the consumer. High-quality hoses, caps & full hookah kits make it easy to get started smoking hookah or refresh your existing set-up.

Secure that buzz with Starbuzz and take a look at their excellent range of hookah products today.

Visit the brand website here