STORZ & BICKEL began as early as 1996, establishing themselves as the OG of herbal vaporizer companies. They are best known for their first desktop device, the VOLCANO, which set the first gold standard when it comes to vapes. The STORZ & BICKEL product line has survived the test of time by using high-quality materials and innovative technology.

From the very beginning, STORZ & BICKEL was known for their innovative techniques. Markus Storz first started experimenting with the creation of herbal vaporizers in his basement. He manufactured the first VOLCANO desktop vaporizer more than 20 years ago. This device proved to surpass all previous expectations for vaporizers and became the preferred vaporizer used in scientific studies. Jürgen Bickel was one of Storz’s first customers, and in 2002 he partnered with Storz to create STORZ & BICKEL GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. Their company was successful enough to expand even further in 2004, opening new offices in Tuttlingen, Germany and again in 2005, in Oakland, California.

But what made this company so insanely successful?  STORZ & BICKEL did it all first. They are the first and only manufacturer of certified medical devices for the inhalation of cannabinoids. In 2007 they released the first electronically controlled vaporizer on the market. Then in 2009, they advanced their production facility and quality management system to meet the strict standards set for manufacturing medical devices. Just a year later, they released the world’s first certified medical cannabis inhaler, the VOLCANO MEDIC. One year after that, their team released the first vaporizer to use combined air and radiation heat technology. In 2014, they then created their first line of portable vaporizers, the MIGHTY and CRAFTY. And in 2015, they released the MIGHTY MEDIC — the first certified battery-powered medical herbal vaporizer. Just a year after that, STORZ & BICKEL built the world’s first factory to manufacture medical herbal vaporizers, in Tuttlingen, Germany. And today, STORZ & BICKEL is an internationally operating, successful company with more than 105 employees.

The STORZ & BICKEL team manufactures and sells five desktop, handheld and portable vaporizers, which thoughtfully meet all your vaporizer needs. All of their devices are compatible with Dosing Capsules and Drip Pads as well. Their devices range from 0.3 to four pounds in weight, and two to eight inches tall. You might experience some sticker shock, with their prices ranging from $249 to $699 USD. But STORZ & BICKEL promise that it will be the first and last vaporizer you will ever need, backed by a standard warranty. Find their latest advancement in vape technology, the VOLCANO HYBRID, at a smoke shop near you.

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