Boromancer Glass Artist

Tyler Bogardus, better known as Boromancer, is a talented glass artist based in Oregon, known for his unique and intricate character creations. He first started working with glass in 2008 while selling pipes for his friends Eli and Josh Mazet. After each sale, he was given a free lesson and quickly became enamored with the process. Within a year and a half, he started his own production shop and put all of his friends to work on sandblasted prototype pipes. Since then, glassblowing has paid his bills and provided him with endless opportunities for creativity and expression.

The first piece Tyler made was, in his words, a “disaster” — but it didn’t dampen his enthusiasm for glassblowing. He broke every rule in the book at first, but was still thrilled with the little universe he had created inside a glass egg. From that moment on, he was hooked and started focusing intently on perfecting his craft and learning everything he could learn.

Boromancer Water Pipe


From there, Boromancer found his own style. His characters, named Clyde, are probably the most well-known glass he makes. The majority of his work features eyeballs, teeth and crazy colors, which are all a constant theme in his work. He also draws a lot of inspiration from his pit bull, Baby. People often see her ears in his art. Tyler makes all kinds of incredible glass pieces, including pendants, rigs, pipes and water pipes.

Sculpting glass is one of the areas where Boromancer excels, and he has found that using soft glass forms in borosillicate has been very helpful in his pursuit of glass excellence. He enjoys using realistic glass eye millies in his work to bring his faces to life, as well as incorporating huge teeth to take his characters to the next level.

Boromancer Heady Artist


In terms of events, Boromancer and his art attend CHAMPS every year and can often be found at Glass Vegas. He loves connecting with other glassblowers and being a part of the glassblowing community. The scene in his area is rich with talented glassblowers, and Tyler is proud to be a part of it. He spent years in Eugene, Oregon, learning his craft from some of the best glassblowers in the world. While he currently lives on the Oregon coast where the weather makes it possible to work more in the glass shop, there are still master glassblowers in every town up and down the coast.

For Boromancer, the freedom and creativity that come with glassblowing are the most enjoyable aspects of his craft. He loves being able to create something from nothing and seeing his vision come to life in a piece of glass. Teaching glassblowing is also very rewarding for him, and sharing his love of glass with his father has been one of the most beautiful moments of his life.

Boromancer Glass Art


Overall, Tyler is a talented glass artist with a passion for his craft. His unique creations and dedication to his art make him a valuable member of the glassblowing community. You can check out some of his art by visiting on Instagram @boromancer_glass.