VIEW YOUR PRODUCT IN A WHOLE NEW LIGHT – Featuring 3 powerful LED lights that make your product pop. You’ll see your product pop like you’ve never seen before

POWERFUL MAGNIFYING LENSES – Featuring 2 types of lenses for optimum viewing of your product. 3X shows a clear view of the overall product and 5X will show you things you’ve never seen before

FITS ON ALL STANDARD WIDE MOUTH JARS – MasonBrite fits on all wide mouth Kerr, Ball, and generic jars with a standard circumference of 86MM. These jars are widely available online and offline so you’re not locked into a particular jar size or brand.

GREAT FOR YOUR DESK, BEDSIDE, OR COFFEE TABLE – Your friends will be amazed at what the product looks like under our LED lights and magnifying glass. Great conversation starter and tool for ensuring the best quality product.
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