7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt Review

7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt Review

Twisty is a glass blunt featuring a titanium screw that makes it easy to get fresh, smooth hits without the tedious rolling process. Here’s everything you need to know about it in our all-encompassing 7Pipe Twisty review.

What is the Twisty Glass Blunt? 

The Twisty comes from 7pipe, who have been around since 2007. You have likely seen 7Pipe in countless dispensaries and headshops across the country with their 7Pipe Classic and 7Pipe Pro, which were lighter pipes with glass bowls. However, their CEO and founder Jeffrey Han later developed Twisty, which is a glass blunt with an elegant, portable and multi-functional design that took 7Pipe to new heights. When Twisty was first introduced, it went viral on social media and can now be found across the globe.

twisty blunt review

Twisty Glass Blunt

Twisty is 7Pipes ultra-portable glass blunt that eliminates the need for paper blunt wrapping all together. It features a heat-resistant pyrex glass design that keeps the blunt cool while it’s in use, but its most interesting feature is its titanium coil in the shape of a screw that helps keep the blunt 30% cooler than the average paper and fire blunt. The core is screwed in and out to load the device with flower and to ash out any cooked buds so you can enjoy a fresh, smooth hit every single time you use it.

Using Twisty is easy. All you’ll do is remove the screw from the glass tube and fill the tube with flower. From there, you’ll twist the screw back into the flower-filled tube counter clockwise while holding the cap in place. Once it’s in there snuggly, you can remove the cap and light your blunt with a lighter. You can turn the screw clockwise to ash it, or just knock the cherry off with your lighter.

Twisty Glass Blunt: Key features 

twisty glass blunt sizes

Twisty Glass Blunt Sizes

There’s a lot to love about Twisty, hence it’s viral debut. For starters, it’s so small and portable you can take it with you pretty much anywhere you go. It’s easy to load, smoke and use, and features such a simplistic design that it’s a joy to operate compared to others like it. It’s reusable design is easy to ash, clean, and refill in just a few seconds, even the caps, brass mouthpiece, titanium screw, and sturdy pyrex glass tube.  Twisty also comes in several different sizes, which can hold anywhere from 2 grams of flower to two full ounces, which is perfect for both solo and party sessions.


Twisty is also science-backed, with tests showing that the coil within the chamber makes Twisty noticeably cooler and smoother to hit than the average blunt or other pre-roll. At the end of the day, with its constant fresh hits, reusability and portability, Twisty is something that everyone should have in their arsenal for solo seshes on the go and sharing with multiple heads from the comfort of your home.

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