A heady artist with crazy & trippy designs isn’t hard to find, but finding yourself a piece that is both ornate and smokes smoothly will be the eternal challenge. Apollo Glassworks aims to solve this problem for smokers worldwide.

Apollo Glassworks crafts and manufactures their stunning designs in the glass-blowing capital of the United States, Corning, New York. Fear not though, they ship these beautiful products internationally.

Everything coming out of Apollo Glassworks was handcrafted by a team of heady artists. The attention to detail speaks through the products itself, with vibrant colors and clean edges, the love and care put into these products is evident.

Whether you have the pleasure of seeing these creations in-person or only online, we can promise you that your eyes will twinkle with visions of your next extravagant session. Take a look at their Facebook Page here to keep up to date on their most recent additions to the catalogue. If you are lucky, they also often run specialty deals on pieces made by their heady artists as a way to give back to the community who made them what they are.

On the other hand, if you are a shop owner, Apollo Glassworks does provide wholesale for their products. There is a good chance that you have passed one of their pieces before without even knowing the genius behind the creations! Looking to line your shelves? The stand-out glass by the heady artists of Apollo Glass Works will definitely bring some fresh looks at your inventory.

Some smokers simply enjoy the raw experience of browsing for the piece that suits you – giant Bowser pipe, sunflowers, sharks or even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – we don’t judge and neither does Apollo Glass Works.

Get your smoke on alongside your favorite characters and hit up Apollo Glassworks today!