Time has lost many great quotes to time, but Benjamin Danklin the heady artist, left us with one wise quote for the ages “Either write something worth reading or smoke something worth smoking.”

Through dank designs and freedom of choice, heady artist Benjamin Danklin is here to offer smokers everywhere unique designs to free you from the boredom of your typical beaker bongs or run of the mill rig designs.

The designs created by this artist are made to help you stay lit. Benjamin Danklin takes the crisp designs of traditional glass-blowing and combines it with an eclectic approach in order to create some of the most unique designs offered within the world of heady artists.

A flagship design of Benjamin Danklin is their Retti Recycler which features an elaborate spread of twists and turns that is both visually appealing and great for your overall smoking experience. It’s 10mm female downstem is designed to make it great for both herbs and concentrates. Even better, this design is made for smoking at all times of the day with glow-in-the-dark glass that shines bright when the lights go out.

Established in the home city of the man who flew a kite in a lightning storm, Benjamin Danklin creates his pieces in the hearth of America’s founding fathers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That said, with the nature of his online business, shipping is international for this American made product.

If you are looking for a new piece for your collection, Benjamin Danklin can add that extra spark to your kit.

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