So, you’ve started to consider detoxing but don’t know where to start?

Well don’t be intimidated, detoxing is just another word for cleansing. Applied Sciences offers its detox kits to help its consumers build efficient digestive systems and promote the cleansing of your body as a whole.

In contrast to most detoxification companies, Applied Sciences is very direct with the purpose of its detox kits. The packages and products of Applied Sciences work to improve underlying health issues so you are less prone to infection while using natural flavors and additives wherever possible.

As you will find, most detoxification products on the market are filled with artificial flavors, artificial colors and even artificial sweeteners! This very fact is a convoluted statement when you consider the purpose of detox kits – to clear your body of artificial toxins and free radicals.

A quick dive into the product line of Applied Sciences supplies a superb diversity in ways to begin your dive into detox. Their products include; Rescue Detox ICE Instant Cleansing Energy Drinks, Rescue Detox ICE Capsules, Rescue Detox ICE Shots and a range of kits which combine these products.

All of the cleansing products made by Applied Sciences include antioxidant-rich super fruits proven to do exactly as they claim – reduce oxidants and toxins. More importantly, they have adapted these formulas to be equipped for ridding the body of any toxins.

If you are interested in this product, Applied Sciences is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and ships these products internationally in order to supply the cleansing needs of smokers internationally.

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