Blazing Blue Glass is well known for manufacturing high quality glass screens for the smoothest smoking experience. Blazing Blue Glass makes various glass accessories including Honeycomb Glass Screens, Honeycomb Bats, Honeycomb Crutches, Honeycomb Slides, Line Tube Bats and Bubble Caps.

Blazing Blue GlassHoneycomb Glass Screens: These are the best glass screens on the market. They are produced from high quality borosilicate glass. These screens, apart from improving the air flow over the entire bowl, keeps your mouth and pipe clean by holding back the ash. To clean this screen, remove it from your piece and clean with alcohol.

Honeycomb Bats: With these bats, you have a honeycomb screen built-in and at only 3.5″ they are easy to be discreet with. There is a flattened mouthpiece that makes it easier to use hands-free. They come in various colors including Smoke, Pink, Clear, Yellow, Cobalt, White, and Emerald.

Honeycomb Crutches: These crutches are the perfect filters when rolling up a fatty. With a length of ¾” and two different diameters, they fit in most rolling machines. The tips are reusable and easy to clean even without the use of cleaning products. With these crutches you can kiss burnt fingers and your roach stash goodbye!

Bubble Caps: These directional carb caps measure 2.75″ in length have a 1″ diameter bubble and fit most sizes of bangers. The honeycomb tip of these caps helps to control air intake and improve vaporization, particularly when dabbing at low temperatures, makes this a necessary dabbing accessory to have in your collection.

Blazing Blue Glass was launched in 2008, and has its headquarters at Chapin, South Carolina. The brand has a wholesale option for buyers looking to buy in bulk. All products created by Blazing Blue Glass undergo a high-quality control test, so you never have to worry about getting a poor quality smoking accessory.

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