Everyone’s got to smoke out of an apple at least once in their life. But, when it’s time to step up your game, the opportunities to upgrade will seem endless. Once you secure a quality water pipe or handheld bowl, it’s time to invest in products that will support the life of your glass and the quality of your smoke sesh.

Skip scooby snacks when you use a metal screen to keep your flower in the bowl and out of your mouth and clear clogged pipes with pokers and scrappers found below.

It’s no secret butane isn’t the best to inhale, and there are a bunch of companies that design hemp wicks that eliminate the risk. Wrap the wick around your lighter, light the tip, and use the flaming wick to light up instead of the lighter’s flame.

If you love rolling up, protect your artistry with a Doob Tube that keeps your joint safe and eliminates odors. And, you’ve got to jump on the honeycomb crutch game, because, that will make roll-your-owns even more enjoyable.

Whatever your need, the below companies can hook you up!