One of the great things about the smoker community is that their interests aren’t limited to smoking, and the community often takes up many social causes, whether it involves criminal justice, environmentalism, or various other causes. That’s why a company such as I-Tal Hempwick is so important. While there are so many marijuana-related companies that make sure that their products are chemical-free – ultimately, many smokers may use a lighter, which has its own implications in terms of chemicals. Instead, I-Tal Hempwick offers an alternative clean burning source, that is very easy to use, and can make smokers feel proud about the fact that they can smoke in a much more healthy way that doesn’t affect the environment negatively.

The company did not just randomly decide to get into the business, but its products have taken over a decade of research and development. While there are other companies that might have just thought of a concept and jumped right into the market, eager to make a profit, I-tal Hempwick was behind the scenes, making sure that they can put forward a smoking accessory that smokers worldwide can feel great about using. It’s an organic and natural alternative to light up your marijuana that has definitely caught on with those who take smoking seriously.

If you truly care about your lungs and want a butane-free way to smoke, there’s absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t be interested in their lengthy natural flame packs, which offer an incredible value. The products are a combination of both raw hemp and refined beeswax, and the product is remarkably easy to use. Simply light one end of the wick, and use that wick to light up your marijuana. It’s as simple as that!

Sometimes, all it takes to break out of our routine is to find a better and cleaner alternative, and that’s what I-Tal Hempwick represents to smokers. It’s a way to consciously have a better effect on the world around you simply by relearning a habit that you might be used to, but that isn’t great for the environment or your lungs. They even offer packages that include lighters, extinguishing tabs/holders, sleeves, and more – and they use hemp, one of the most environmentally-friendly materials in the world! For those who want a cleaner and greener way to smoke, then check out I-Tal Hempwick today!

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