The skills of a heady artist are much more of a craft than it is a labor intensive job. In order to be great in the world of heady artists, it is not about how many pieces you can make or how quickly, it is about how much love you can pour into each of your creations.

Bob Snodgrass is a heady artist that truly embodies this ideal. Alongside his family, they travelled the United States for years, simply experiencing life until they found a place they loved enough to settle. This is what brought him to trade in his mobile lifestyle and woodworking tools to claim Oregon as their home to be.

He chose this as their resting place for a variety of reasons but by 1990 Bob was taking advantage of the artist boro glass available around him. As time moved on, Bob Snodgrass took his attention for detail and began to pass it on to others.

Notably, many would claim Bob Snodgrass as the godfather of heady artists. His refined edges and trippy designs have inspired likely hundreds of heady artists coming after him. As cannabis experiences a revolution in the eyes of the public, you can see the impact of his designs & craftsmanship at any credible cannabis convention or even in your local head shop!

Bob Snodgrass can make anything from dragons to neon fish, but his love, his love is to create marbles by hand. So intricate in nature, you can feel as if you are getting lost in the world that they carry inside it. Now, that may seem irrelevant but that same love and passion for depth in his glass can be seen through his creations throughout the years.

Although you have likely already smoked a piece created by or inspired by Bob Snodgrass, trust an OG and experience what decades of glass-blowing experience can do for your smoking experience.

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