Chase Hoffman is Bone Daddy Glass.

A producer of fantastically designed glass art and pipes out of Plymouth, Massachusetts, Bone Daddy Glass began offering its fantastical designs in 2012. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources as nature, Futurama and Marilyn Manson, Chase infuses his work with a playful Gothic sensibility. Think Tim Burton in a good mood.

Bone Daddy Glass started out making Andromeda leaf pendants. And now a few leaves sprout from many his Sherlock, spoon and water pipes. One of Bone Daddy’ Glass’s most impressive pieces is a “Double Mai Tai frit spoon with an Andromeda leaf and 3 Futurama Millies”.  Another stunner is the “Dragon’s Eye with English Ivy Leaves.”

And don’t take our word for it, check out Bone Daddy on social media for some of the most exotic-looking dab rigs around: look for the Amber Purple rig and glass recycler with Peacock accents and horns. Bone Daddy Glass also makes black light pipes. That is, pipes that glow under UV light. Now talk about trippy, these pipes please the eye in more ways than one.

Bone Daddy Glass believes in community and sharing the love. He travels around and does glass work with other heady artists. In between designing Sherlock pipes decorated with Andromeda leaves, cosmic horns and Futurama characters, you can see him firing up some glass on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

Be sure to check out the Terps Retti Tube pipe with matching cap he made in collaboration with one of his glassblowing partners. It’s like you’re holding a piece of the sun.

Visit the brand website here