Martin Glass is a heady artist who cares for his craft just as much as anyone else in the field. That said, his quality shines above the love that is invested in each and every piece created.

One look at the creations of C. Martin Glass and you can see the careful attention to detail which is applied to each tube, bend & color addition. This is notable from the smaller products requiring fine details all the way to the top end rigs and pieces which are larger in nature.

The skills required to create these pieces take years upon years enduring ones passion over a hot torch to hone in. C. Martin Glass has put in that time and you can see this seeping through this work as each piece he creates becomes more and more unique.

He creates this catalog of craftsmanship out of Fort Collins, Colorado in the United States. Don’t worry though, he isn’t limited to that region as you will often find him touring his works around the cannabis trade shows of the United States. Even better for the international consumer, the online nature of his business makes his amazing work available to smokers internationally through his Instagram page.

Any fine-crafted piece of art will cost you a pretty penny to purchase but the work of C. Martin Glass is very reasonably priced when you contrast it amongst his colleagues in the world of heady artists.

If you are looking to purchase one of his pieces, we recommend first taking a look at his Instagram page HERE to figure out which of his many creations would suit you and your collection best!