Cowboy Glass is owned & operated by the acclaimed heady artist Chris Kerner. He applies his 10-years of experience in glass blowing to create a stunning array of pipes, glass accessories and other products.

The passion of this heady artist speaks through their work with heavy influences being drawn from sacred geometry and other glass-blowing greats who came before him.

If you are looking for a vibrant, unique and one-of-a-kind pipe that a friend won’t “accidentally” put in their pocket after a session – this is what you are looking for! The mesmerizing patterns of his work help to accent the beautiful curves and stand-out bowls.

Products created by Cowboy Glass are made by an artisan, but nonetheless, Chris Kerner maintains the values of being a practical pipe maker.  

Coming not as a surprise, Chris Kerner got his start in pipe making from the allure of line-work tubing – getting lost in the endless patterns led him to become obsessed with the craft of pipe making. Specifically, he draws inspiration from the old gold & silver fume-style pieces of the past.

As a career heady artist, glass blower and professional pipe maker, Cowboy Glass operates out of a collaborative studio in Oregon where he is able to craft all of his products.

Shipping internationally, a piece created by Cowboy Glass will stand out in your overall glass collection or make an excellent first step into collecting hand-crafted glass & glass accessories. Interested in learning more about the man behind the company? Check out an interview with Chris Kerner HERE or follow him on Instagram @CowboyGlasss.