DarkCrystal Glass is a different type of cleaning solution. Through extensive research and development, DarkCrystal Glass proudly provides a cleaning product that is not only powerful, but safe as well. Designed to remove the most stubborn of stains, this is a leading brand in providing cleaning solutions for various smoking products, such as coils and atomizers, water pipes and dab nails.

A solution that many people have long needed, DarkCrystal Glass offers one of the only safe ways for people to clean their most precious products.

Cleaners – Clear is a specialty cleaning solution created by DarkCrystal Glass that utilizes the most effective materials to create a powerful cleaner that doesn’t use the same level of dangerous ingredients or toxic chemicals often found in other similar products.

Clear removes water stains and prevents future staining, is non-explosive, and is safe to use with quartz as a soaking and polishing agent. DarkCrystal Glass revolutionized the smoking industry by providing the first cleaner for e-cigarette tanks.

Designed to last, Clear doesn’t expire if the bottle isn’t sealed and never breaks down no matter how dirty it gets. In addition to being completely reusable, Clear has set itself apart as a cleaning solution different from anything else on the market today.

DarkCrystal Glass is located in Beaverton, Ontario, and their products can be purchased either online or in various retail locations around the world. DarkCrystal Glass is the leading brand that provides a safe way to clean smoking accessories and products.

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