Dime Bags began with two people who had an idea to create hemp bags that were completely smell-proof. Today, Dime Bags is much more than that, and they use a special blend in order to create bags that are not only smell-proof but spill-proof as well.

Dime Bags – Dime Bags has worked hard to find the perfect storage system for smoking products that are both organic and durable. With a unique blend of polyester and hemp, Dime Bags used Hempster to create its products. Today, all of Dime Bags storage products are made using Hempster for the exterior and utilizing 100% organic cotton for the interior.

Not only are these pouches made of strong material, but they have other uses as well. The Omerta Boss pouch strongly protects its contents with dual lockable zippers. In addition to this, the bags are made to be completely smell-proof, so no fragrances from the items you hold can seep out. Dime Bags also creates spill-proof pouches that prevent your contents from seeping out as well. With all these specially crafted pouches, you can find one that meets any situation you need to store your favorite smoking products.

Dime Bags headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, and you can purchase their products from their online store or through a retailer in a location near you.

Dime Bags has used its special blend of polyester and hemp to create pouches for the smoking community that are designed to last. They’ve continued to modify and improve upon the design of their products in order to provide even more to the community with wallets, rolling trays, stash baggies, and dab mats all available. The website provides detailed information on the effectiveness of the pouches, the materials they’re made of and the best way to maintain them in order to extend their longevity. If you’re looking for the most effective method to store your smoking products, there is nothing quite like Dime Bags.

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