Doob Tubes specializes in the production of secure containers for storing pre-rolled joints. The containers come in the form of cylindrical tubes, perfectly sized to fit your pre-rolled medication. The Doob Tubes are small and compact enough that they can easily fit into your pocket, and they feature an innovative design that ensures your medicine is kept completed secure and discreet.

The tubes feature an advanced seal which completely eliminates unwanted odors from escaping from inside. The seal is also moisture-resistant, meaning that even when exposed to rain and other forms of moisture, your pre-rolls inside will remain completely dry.  

Ray, the founder of Doob Tubes, started the company following an encounter with two San Francisco police officers, who refused to believe that the cannabis he was carrying was legitimate medicine. This led Ray to design the innovative Doob Tube, a secure storage container that would clearly label the contents inside.

The tubes are small in size, lightweight, and have a stylish appearance. Some of the models produced by Doob Tubes include the following:


Doob Tubes: These are the original and first type of Doob Tube to be produced. They are transparent and are available in multiple different colors. Choose between two sizes – 5.5″ and 4.3″, depending on how you like to roll. These original tubes come with the classic “Doob Tubes” logo on the side.

There are also variations of the classic Doob Tube, including the ‘Kewl Tubes’, which are almost identical aside from the label on the side, and the ‘Funnies’, which come printed with humorous quotes and slogans.

Tobacco Tasters: The company also provides small and compact one hitters called Tobacco Tasters. Conveniently sized to fit neatly inside a Doob Tube, these one-hitter pipes are ideal for use when on the move. Take a quick hit and immediately slide it back inside a Doob Tube, keeping the residual odor completely contained within.

Doob Tubes is headquartered in California, and Doob Tubes can be purchased via the website and shipped nationwide. If you want to keep up-to-date on the latest developments with the company, you can follow the Facebook page or find useful information on the website blog.

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