Futurola is a company that cares about the quality of products they offer smokers across the globe. They have revolutionized rolling systems in their home market of Amsterdam and continue to strive for innovation to this day. Futurola found their roots in the Amsterdam cafe culture, setting them apart by defining the importance of offering high quality papers with natural arabic gum products alongside streamlining the process for smokers who love smoking papers but hate rolling.

Futurola has an expanded product line that is ideal for both the regular and recreational smoker with a knack for rolling papers & wraps, this company produces many tools for filling cones and simplifying your favorite smoking methods.

Cone Filling Systems – Tired of rolling by hand or need to create in mass? Futurola is the leading company in cone filling systems. Revolutionizing rolling with their Knockbox 2 system which can fill up to 100 cones at a time.

Grinders & Shredders  – Personal or professional, Futurola can accommodate your style as well as your scale. They offer hand-operated acrylic as well as stainless steel grinders.

Rolling Papers & Wraps – Futurola has set a standard in only carrying the finest papers since the days of operating locally in Amsterdam. Their quality papers come in a variety of sizes and are made of the same quality paper used in their pre-rolled cones, which can be bought in batches, to use alongside your Knockbox 2 system.

Smoking Accessories & Storage – Futurola also offers a wide range of storage options, rolling trays, rolling tips and more for the efficient smoker.

Merchandise – Just as any savvy brand in the digital media era should, Futurola flexes their ability to pick the right product for consumers with their high-quality merchandise including everything from lighters to hoodies.

Futurola is able to maintain these high standards through their offices in Los Angeles, California as well as their original office in Amsterdam. Leaning on its foundations of being a family business, Futurola really will embody its ability to position itself as The Future of Rolling.

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