When it comes to rolling papers & wraps, smokers all too often settle for what is accessible to them in their area. Royal Blunts is the antithesis to this. Any smoker dedicated to the best experience possible should be treating themselves like royalty and finding providers that stock only the best or ordering online!

You can find Royal Blunts working online diligently as a lifestyle brand, working alongside influencers and brand ambassadors to get out there and show the public first-hand the quality of their products. We recommend keeping tabs on either their Facebook or Instagram for their regularly hosted events in order to get a taste of what they are serving.

This American made product out of Southern California comes in many flavours that are all completely unique in the world of rolling papers & wraps. Their roll it yourself products stand out distinctly from the other established brands when you just catch a whiff of their goods burning.

Even better, no more of that pesky problem of opening your pack only to frantically roll every blunt you can before they dry out. Each wrap bought from Royal Blunts comes in a resealable package with a shelf life of approximately 18 months.

Royal Blunts has also taken care to ensure that their product line is established to satisfy any style of smoker. Specifically, many love the experience of smoking a blunt but don’t want the tobacco that inevitably comes alongside it. If this is you, their line of non-tobacco wraps is what you have been looking for! Both herbal & hemp-based, you can select the size and flavor you want with enough variety to keep coming back even after you have found your favorite.

When you are ready to stop simply “settling” for what is there, hit up Royal Blunts for the experience you have been deserving of this whole time.

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