Gnar Jars are your source for storage containers that pop! Are you getting tired of the same old mason jar, or worse, are you still using an old tin that had mints in it before? Up your game with the Gnar Jar.

Gnar Jars are glass nug jugs with a silicone lid which creates an airtight seal and doubles as a handy container for your concentrates & extracts. The products made by Gnar Jars are perfect for getting two birds stoned at once – stay ready for an epic session with both your dab loving and bud loving friends with these amazing smoking accessories.

The jars are the ultimate in stash jars when it comes to these practicalities. The glass itself is 3mm thick borosilicate glass – the same quality used to produce your favorite rigs & pieces. The lid is made out of medical grade silicone so you can ensure a sanitary environment and the accurate preservations of your smokeables.

A typical jar from Gnar Jars can hold up to 1oz of flowers while the lid can store up to 7g of concentrates or extracts and comes in a variety of trippy colors to fit your taste. Hop over to their Instagram account to get a visual on the variety of their products & stay up-to-date on any new launches.

If you are looking to revamp your storage game with air tight & smell proof storage containers, than this is the right product to make your kit a little more gnarly.

Visit the brand website here