The revolution in perspective towards marijuana, its associated lifestyle and the medicinal qualities of the plant has rapidly increased the production of anything cannabis-related.

However, finding a company like Mana Artisan Botanics is like finding a diamond in the rough.

Mana Artisan Botanics offers extracts created using only full spectrum whole plants which are also certified organic, high-CBD cannabis. Through using traditional tincture alcohol extraction methods, they are also able to regulate their cannabinoid levels & mitigate pesticide contamination.

Additionally, this Hawaii-based company has each of their products tested to the legal limits of a 0.3% THC level at multiple lab facilities such as Steep Hill Labs Hawaii and Hawaii Pharm labs. Applying this thoroughness down to the customer level, Mana Botanics offers lab results upon request.

Through the utilization of these refined extraction processes, Mana Botanics is able to offer a physical and metaphorical spread of products. Some of their product categories are:

Topicals – Offering a spread of infused massage oils & balms, these topical treatments are typically used to promote arthritic relief and release building tension in the bodies tendons & ligaments all while promoting healthy and vibrant skin!

Oils – Mana Botanical’s oil comes in a 900mg per oz phytocannabinoid measurement which is a pure combination of CBD-rich hemp & fresh Hawaiian-grown turmeric. Accommodating the customer even further, you can get this product with either organic macadamia nut oil or nut-free MCT coconut oil.

Tincture – Their traditional alcohol-based tincture extracts are infused with different essential oils to provide a litany of health benefits. Promoting antioxidative support for your system, this is a great supplement for your immune system.

Pet – Last but not least is their incredible anti-inflammatory drops designed for pets. Arthritis in animals functions exactly the same in your domesticated mammals as it does with humans! Simply use this organic MCT oil blend to give your ageing fur baby a boost in quality of life.

Mana Artisan Botanics is constantly evolving its recipes and approaches to supporting its customers and promoting the medicinal applications of cannabis. If you are interested in buying from a brand which genuinely cares, Mana Artisan Botanics is where you want to look.

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