Moose Labs is a family-owned company based out of Colorado that was founded brothers Dan & Jay Rush. Founded in 2014, this company has created 53+ different products with the intention of benefitting every type of smoker.

Their current flagship product is a uniquely useful and extremely sanitary silicone mold to use alongside your dab tools & accessories, production glass or rolling papers and wraps called the Mouth Peace.

The Mouth Peace has really changed the game for social smokers. This glass accessory is perfect if you are generous with your smoking kit or share a piece with a partner/friend.  It is a one-size-fits-all silicone cover that needs to be placed over any smoking apparatus to instantly create an air-tight seal. Even more importantly, it keeps a barrier between your mouth and whoever else`s had been there before you.

Alongside this, Moose Labs provides tools for the creative smoker. The Dab Art Wax Molds are a fantastic way to divvy up your concentrates. These fun dab accessories touch you right in the nostalgia centre by giving you the experience of playing with your Play-Doh all over again. Place your concentrate, press & create to your heart`s desire!

A benefit that really carves them a unique space for their flagship product, the Mouth Peace, is its applications for Providers, Distributors and even Dispensaries. Simply purchase one of these guys and easily supply those product samples without having to worry about germs.

If you are looking for some more peace and comfort when it comes to the sanitary habits with smoking, Moose Labs can help you out.

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