NoGoo was established in 2013. It was nominated for the Best Other Than Glass (OG) Product or Product Line at the 2013 American Glass Expo. From containers and dishware to dab rigs and water pipes, NoGoo dab tools & accessories are shatterproof, heat resistant (up to 450 degrees) and get 100% of any sticky substance out.

Containers: NoGoo Nonstick Silicone Containers feature NoGoo’s patent-pending lid. This custom squeeze/twist top makes them easy to open, while at the same time keeps all your stuff safe in your pocket. There’s also a larger size NoGoo Honey Pot, as well as Orgoonizer Compartment Storage Jars (Single or Quad). Both these compartment storage jars come with a removable silicone insert and a silicone lined lid.

Stations: Silicone Stations will keep your components organized and your table clean from sticky messes.  These unique products help keep your hot tools away from things that can be damaged like a wood table or carpet. They are made of the same food grade silicone as the containers, so you can be sure you won’t waste any of your concentrates.

Mats: Non-stick dab mats, available in  large and small sizes perfect for any type of dabbing session.

Pipes/Rigs: NoGoo also has pipes and rigs available including a small Silicone Apple Bubbler and a Silicone Pipe, both with a glass bowl insert. There are also Silicone Mini Rig and Silicone Water Pipe. They are safe, easy to clean, and great for travel. No more worrying about breaking your piece when out and about.

NoGoo nonstick products are made of FDA food grade silicone, and safe for use in a freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.

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