For decades, Blazer Products has been the leader in providing high-quality torches for professional and personal use. Taking the same quality found in industrial-grade products and providing them in new home-friendly versions, Blazer has become a leader in innovation and continues to expand their extensive line of torches and lighters.

Lighters – Blazer made a huge impact on the industry with its first lighter, and continues to do so to this day. Blazer lighters come in a broad range of styles and types. From the Big Buddy, which has dual-use torch functionality to the Eagle that’s perfect for people who love the outdoors, there is something for just about anyone.

Torches – Blazer Products’ selection of torches is even more extensive, and features products suitable for both professional and home environments. Many of their handheld torches come in a variety of styles, and can be used for multiple applications. Torches like the Big Shot are not only powerful and sturdy, but they also have a detachable base that allows you to have more precise control of the flames.  Just what every dab enthusiast needs!

Other torches on offer include the Spitfire, which specializes in ease of use with the easy-grip body and unique, upward-angled head design. This torch, like many of Blazer’s torches, has a specific child-resistant feature to ensure safety, even when it falls into the wrong hands.

Blazer Products is headquartered in Farmingdale, New York, and their products can be purchased either through their online store or from licensed resellers.

Blazer is the go-to brand for torches, lighters and butane gas. With such an extensive selection of innovative, high-quality products, you know you’ll always be able to find something suitable for your requirements. For the ultimate level of control when it comes to handling torches with industrial power condensed into the size of a household object, Blazer has you covered. If you want to know the best place to purchase Blazer Products or to stay up to date on what’s available, Blazer also provides the latest company updates through the news section on their website.

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