There is no denying the creativity inspired by our friend mary jane but it’s hard to find a company that inspires creativity about smoking. This is where Nugtopia has created their own little utopia – they offer apparel and fine art that promotes the freedom of expression that every smoker experiences.

They find the roots of their business in a true mission to change the perspective on smoking one cute “Nug” character at a time. The goal of Nugtopia is to help push the taboo of cannabis out of society by giving people a reason to smile & be reminded of the healing component of the flower. They believe it is important to be reminded that it is a naturally-occurring plant, not a drug.

Kole Trent & family started this incredibly driven company out of the inspiration of watching a loved one manage their breast cancer diagnosis through the use of cannabis. Acting with motivation, rather than vindication, supporting Nugtopia’s apparel indirectly supports opening up the progressive perspective of using cannabis as a medical tool.

The Nugtopia store sells Weed Art, Marijuana Shirts, Dab Mats, a wide-range of unique products with their Nugtopia Marijuana Strain characters and many other smoking accessories. If you are looking to add some creative flare to your smoking set-up, check out the Instagram account for Nugtopia to get a direct example of their trippy & peaceful art-style.

What will most definitely catch your eye is the characters that started it all, their cute Nugtopia Marijuana strain characters. Find awesome & cute renderings of OG Kush, Sunset Sherbet, GSC (Girl Scout Cookies), Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Skywalker OG, Fire OG, and many more!

Double down on the creative influence today and support Nugtopia in their vision while filling your own life with inspiration in the process.

Visit the brand website here