Oil Slick creates products that are unique for various smoking and dabbing applications. Priding itself on helping people to both produce and store their precious extracts; Oil Slick offers some of the highest quality extraction and packaging products on the market today.

Extraction and Packaging: Oil Slick is known for its extraction and packaging materials that help you with storing various extractions, such as high terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE). A wide array of containers is provided, which range from terpene-proof PTFE and FEP to medical-grade containers. In addition to containers, Oil Slick offers a wide variety of non-stick pre-cut papers, screw top jars with lids, foil-backed parchment wrap, and much more.

Dab Pads – In addition to the selection of extraction items that Oil Slick offers, the company has expanded to providing dab pads as well. These dab pads on offer range in size greatly, and they can be customized with your branding or artwork to make them truly unique.

Oil Slick is headquartered in Bellingham, Washington, and you can purchase their products directly from their online store.

Oil Slick has set itself apart from other brands with the high-quality silicone products that it continues to create. Oil Slick Pads, Sheets, Slabs and much more are constantly being innovated in order to give Oil Slick’s customers the best experience. Throughout the U.S., Oil Slick has grown to become an award-winning brand since its inception in 2012.

No matter what the situation may call for, whether top-of-the-line storage materials or silicone pipes, Oil Slick has something for you, and it continues to provide new versions of its products to meet the unique demands of their growing customer base.

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